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How might we enable nurses as health educators?


‎Care Companion India
‎ A mobile platform that supports frontline healthcare workers of the Care Companion Program across India .


HEP (Health Educators Platform) is to be a digital service that better supports our health educators, including nurses and counselors, the ones who conduct sessions at the ground level across different hospitals.

We use this to monitor the health education sessions conducted by healthcare workers who are a part of the larger Care Companion Program of Noora Health.

What's the need for HEP?

  1. Currently, there isn't a way for us to regularly interact and engage with our nurses, as of now it is very much localized.
  2. Either we will have to travel hundreds of miles every day to understand the challenges of our educators, or we will have to rely on the information provided to our program associates through WhatsApp or phone calls.
  3. Also, the current method by which we are allowing our nurses to capture attendance for the sessions they conduct is not very efficient.

Current Journey

Before digitising the health education sessions through HEP, this is how the journey looked like:

  1. Nurses conduct health education sessions
  1. Nurses fill attendance registers

Attendance books go missing. Some of them run out of paper and need to be refilled. Some of our healthcare workers might forget to fill it in from point to point. It's time consuming, prone to errors, and involves hefty amounts of paperwork.

  1. Nurse sends the image over on Whatsapp

Once they do conduct the sessions, they are asked to send the image over to the respective field staff on Whatsapp.

  1. Data team manually downloads images

Data team manually downloads the images from the respective Whatsapp groups and digitises them for monitoring and evaluation.

Evolution of HEP

The initial idea for a mobile application, came about with the goal of engaging Noora Health's nurses and counselors both socially and functionally.

Socially: Community Engagement via facebook-like feed where the trainers are communicating with Noora and each other. The purpose behind this is to break location based communication barriers and bring all our care companions on to one single platform.

Functionally: Having a digital directory of all CCP tools + access to learning platforms + digital attendance recording and to present the application as a one-stop-shop for all their CCP needs, right in their pockets.

We then decided to incrementally test and validate the need for these features.


Dec 2021: We began discussions to pilot the Care Companion app in Bangladesh as part of the initial CCP sessions in the country. The initial discovery process involved created medium-fidelity prototypes on Framer, conducting usability tests to evaluate the interaction design. We compared drawer/tab navigations and certain usage patterns and used this as a basis to roll out the MVP.

April 2022: An MVP is rolled out with just the digital attendance feature. User feedback is gathered.

August 2022: Version 1 of the App is rolled out with refined user Interface and features like OTP login. Digital flip charts were integrated for easy reference. 

Key features

  • User Interface built in Bangla for the nurses to capture CCP attendance data with the click of a button.
  • OTP login with mobile number for secure and fast authentication
  • Offline functionality, ensuring reliable usage in remote areas with poor network connectivity
  • Access to flipcharts and training manuals to enhance the quality of CCP sessions
  • Session Feedback feature to track nurse satisfaction and improve the service
  • Nurse Profile to personalize the experience and increase engagement 
‎Care Companion India
‎ A mobile platform that supports frontline healthcare workers of the Care Companion Program across India .