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Design is a confusing word

As designers, we’re always asked to vouch for the user’s needs above anything else. But if the company takes a hit, all of our efforts might end in vain.

To solve this dilemma, this note from Dan Winer comes in handy—

Designers, don’t forget:
You were hired to build a business.
Show your value using the benefits over features method:

Don’t talk about the “quality” of your design.
Talk about its impact.

Don’t present a “cleaner design”.
Elaborate on how it reduces cognitive load and boosts efficiency.

Don’t stop at “improving the user experience”.
Explain why it creates long-term profit.

Don’t sell accessibility as “the right thing to do”.
Talk about the potential of the untapped market.

Don’t offer “intuitive navigation”.
Show how it accelerates the path to purchase.

Don’t only focus on “inclusive imagery”.
Describe how it enhances brand perception and broadens your demographic.

The goal is to solve problems for our users and create value for them through our designs.

But design is the how; building a business is the why.

Use these tips to position design as an essential investment for the business, linking your expertise directly to the company’s growth and success.

It’s all about the right framing. The right solutions come at the intersection of user’s needs and business needs. That’s the sweet spot.