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Participating > Marketing

In the world of Indie hacker and makers, Participating is greater than marketing.

Take this example of Dagobert Renouf who used to reply to 500 tweets a day, scaling his growth to more than 700K Followers. Here’s an excerpt from Indiehackers blog:

Dagobert and his wife, Lucy, started working on Logology back in 2018 and launched in 2020.

Their launch flopped because they didn’t have an audience. They were expecting traction and didn’t get it, which brought about that cold-sweat moment that many of us have faced… that “oh damn, I actually need to do marketing” moment

Of course, as a developer, he didn’t want to do that. More to the point, he didn’t know how to do that. But he did know his target market: founders.

So after struggling to get customers for a year, he took a very small step. He started contributing to founder communities: IH, Reddit, Slack channels, and (you guessed it) Twitter. The sentiment being:

Participating > Marketing

But “participating” wasn’t just lollygagging with friends online. He made himself spend hours a day replying to people, which we’ll dive deeper into later. And after a few weeks, one of his replies went mini-viral and brought traffic in the thousands. It even brought in a couple of sales.

He stayed consistent.